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Thanksgiving on the Grill

Thanksgiving on the Grill is going to be the most delicious holiday meal yet. We are sharing our best turkey, ham and side dish recipes along with our favorite holiday appetizers that are easy to make on the grill. 

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It always seems to be a bit of a juggling act to get everything baked in the oven and be ready on time for your holiday dinner. That’s one of the reasons we love utilizing the grill for our favorite main dishes, side dishes and appetizers

Collage of Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes.

If you are looking for some new ways to spice up your traditional Thanksgiving dinner, these recipes are a great place to start.

Cook these delicious Thanksgiving recipes on your charcoal grill, gas grill or off-set smoker. Take some of the pressure off of the kitchen crowd and fire up your grill this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving on the Grill

Main Dishes: TURKEY

Turkey is the classic main dish for Thanksgiving dinner. These are our best turkey recipes that are tender juicy and flavorful. These delicious recipes will surpass your expectations for a stunning centerpiece of any holiday spread.

Main Dishes: HAM

Ham is a must-have for our Thanksgiving menu and if you are trying to decide on ham or turkey, we are definitely going to encourage both. These ham recipes are made on the grill to double smoke the ham and with added flavors from our homemade rubs, sauces and glazes.

Main Dishes: PRIME RIB

On occasion we will splurge and make Prime Rib for Thanksgiving dinner. It is the simplest main dish to prepare and is even more delicious on the grill than oven roasted. If you are looking for the most epic of holiday meals, prime rib is the way to go.

Side Dishes

These tasty side dishes can all be cooked on the grill and will perfectly compliment your main dishes. Save room in your oven and get the added smoky flavor on the grill in your casseroles and must-have vegetable dishes.


We love to have great appetizers to munch on while we finish up the Thanksgiving feast and these grilled appetizers are sure to steal the show.

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