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  1. Joey H.

    What are the portions for each of the ingredients? I would live to use these but don't know how much to use! Thank You!

  2. drachir bocaj

    ALthough this is an easy way to make brisket, it won't produce the absolute best brisket.

    To produce the best brisket, you need to truly smoke it at 225 degrees until an internal temp of 165 or so is reached, this will help render some of the fat, AND develop the bark on the outside. Wrap in butcher paper, this will maintain the bark, wrapping in foil ends up steaming the brisket, and the bark layer is severely softened.

    once wrapped, return to smoker, cook at 250 until an internal temp of 203 is reached...also, the thermometer probe should slide into the brisket as if it was being inserted into softened butter.

    remove from smoker, put in a cooler, cover with a towel and let rest for 1-2 hours before slicing.

    Also, if using a whole brisket, there will be large fat deposits that MUST BE TRIMMED prior to cooking, as they will NOT render during the cooking process, resulting in a product with huge seams of fat that are totally inedible.

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